“This is an important book — insightful, engaging and anchored in the real problems and opportunities that communities face. Educators, community leaders, and policymakers are fortunate that Don Nielsen has turned his attention and talent to this analysis of contemporary schooling and what we need to do to harness its potential to create responsible citizens. Don is uniquely suited for this role — a community leader, businessman, parent, chair of a large city school board, and informed citizen. The book is practical and revolutionary at the same time and should be on anyone’s required reading list if they care about the future of public education.”

Robert C. Pianta, Ph.D.
Dean, Curry School of Education
University of Virginia

“Don Nielsen provides unusually clear insight into the complex issues that inhibit high educational attainment of our public school systems. He follows up the diagnosis with a series of feasible and practical recommendations for how to improve our schools. Nielsen’s book shoud be a must-read for anyone interested in public education.”

Allen S. Grossman
Professor of Management Practice (Ret.)
Harvard Business School

“In what seems to be a reoccurring challenge with each generation, the question remains how we can best address our nation’s deficiencies in our P-12 educational system. It is a question that must be answered if we are to achieve our highest potential as a nation and in our children. Don Nielsen provides a thoughtful response.”

Dr. Dan Martin
Seattle Pacific University